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Food systems

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The journal Food Systems discusses the dynamics of food systems in France and around the world and continues the “agrifood systems” series by the Isméa journal Economies and Societies that appears on the FNEGE, CNRS and HCERES reference lists.


Founded in July 2016, the journal Food Systems (SAFS) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that continues the work of the “Systèmes agroalimentaires” series from the journal Économies et Sociétés, which was created in 1944 by François Perroux. This series is referenced in the bibliographic databases “Econlit” and “IBSS” and—for the “Systèmes agroalimentaires” series—categorized under the heading of “Stratégie” by the FNEGE [The French Foundation for Management Education], authorized by section thirty-seven of the CNRS [The National Center for Scientific Research] and the HCERES [The Office for Research and Higher Education Assessment]. SAFS will have this classification until 2019.

The journal Systèmes alimentaires / Food Systems, published by Classiques Garnier, Paris, is continuing the series “Agrifood systems” of the Économies et Sociétés journal until 2015. As part of of the Economics, Management and Societies collection, it is published in electronic and paper format. It hosts authors from different scientific disciplines (economics, management, sociology, anthropology, history, geography, etc.), interested in a common empirical object, the food system, with the prospect of advancing knowledge and help the decision. Different types of texts are published, with modalities of internal (members of the editorial board–EB) and external review under anonymity in double blind (members of the reading committee) according to the academic standard sought by the journal:
- Scientific articles (5,000 to 6,000 words, including a review of the literature, a method of analysis and an empirical treatment or a theoretical proposal). Academic standards must be respected.
- Expertises (2,000 to 3,000 words, expertise / point of view on a sector, a company, a public policy issue, etc., which does not require a thorough review of the literature but includes some essential references on the subject).
- Reading notes on a recent or republished scientific work (2 to 4 pages).
- Reports of seminars and symposia (2 to 4 pages).
- Thematic files: the EB can invite editors (from 1 to 3 scientists belonging to French and foreign institutions) to form a dossier on a specific theme related to the interests of the journal. The thematic dossier contains 3 to 5 articles or assessments evaluated according to the above modalities and a general introduction prepared by the invited editors, revised only by the EB. In order to renew themes and teams, guest editors change from one issue to another. A invited publisher cannot be again before 3 years.
- Invited authors: The EB has the possibility to solicit authors recognized by the international scientific community for a contribution in the form of theoretical and / or empirical synthesis of their works (2,500 to 5,000 words), revised only by the EB.
- The discussants: The EB also has the possibility to publish the comments which it would have received (under reserve that they respect the academic standards and do not exceed 1,000 words) on the publications of the journal, with right of reply of the author(s).

Proposals will be sent to the secretariat of the journal ( specifying the formula chosen. Once papers are accepted, authors will receive full editorial details. The editorial board has the final say about each publication.

Editorial Board

Jean-Louis Rastoin (Montpellier SupAgro)

Editorial Secretary
Myriam Haider

Editorial Board
Dr Didier Chabaud (université Paris I)
Dr Foued Cheriet (Montpellier SupAgro)
Pr Maryline Filippi (Bordeaux Sciences Agro)
Pr Fatiha Fort (Montpellier SupAgro)
Dr Abdelhakim Hammoudi (Inra, Ivry)
Pr Gilles PachÉ (Aix-Marseille Université)
Pr Jean-Louis Rastoin (Montpellier SupAgro)
Pr Denis Requier-Desjardins (IEP, Toulouse)
Dr Pierre Sans (ENV, Toulouse)
Dr Denis Sautier (Cirad, Montpellier)
Dr Jean-Marc Touzard (Inra Montpellier)

Scientific Advisory Board
Pr Michael Besch (Technische Universität München)
Pra Felisa Cena (universidad de Córdoba)
Pr Jean Cordier (École nationale supérieure agronomique, Rennes)
Dr Pierre Combris (INRA, Ivry)
Pr Roberto Fanfani (università di Bologna)
Pr Hervé Fenneteau (université Montpellier III)
Pr Istvan Feher (université de Gödöllö)
Pr Michel Marchesnay (université Montpellier-I)
Pr Claude Ménard (université Paris-I)
Pr Thomas Reardon (Michigan State University)
Pr Jacques Viaene (université de Gand)
Pr Decio Zilbersztajn (universidade de São Paulo)

Declaration on ethics and good editorial practices

The review only publishes original and unpublished contributions.

It refuses to publish articles or parts of articles that have already appeared in other publication formats and it asks authors to guarantee that their article will not be submitted to any other review until such time as a decision to refuse publication be communicated to them.

Authors must guarantee that their contribution does not infringe copyrights and cannot be considered plagiarism, even in part. Discovery of proven plagiarism after publication will result in removal of the digital version of the article. Authors must give appropriate citations for the materials used. The author serving as correspondent is responsible for the list of contributors and for their agreement to the version submitted to the review. Authors must declare any and all conflicts of interest and identify the sources of financing received for the research, if applicable.

Each article submitted to the review is evaluated according to a double-blind process.

In cases of major error in a published article identified by an author or by a reader who brings it to the attention of the editorial committee, the author or authors agree to rectify the error or to respond with a refutation of the accusation of error. In cases of rectification by the author, the review and Éditions Classiques Garnier agree to publish the corrected version of the article online.

Contact Information

Editorial Board
Email :

Classiques Garnier
6, rue de la Sorbonne
75005 Paris

Note to Contributors

Article drafts submitted to the journal SAFS should contain original work that has not been previously published and should not be submitted simultaneously to another journal.
An electronic version (.doc file) of the draft article, containing no information that would allow the author to be identified, should be sent to the editor at:
Attach, as a separate file, a fully filled cover sheet (title, author(s), abstract).
The formatting of the text, tables and figures, bibliographic references and footnotes must fully comply with the “Note aux auteurs” section of the journal SAFS.

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