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Studies in Twentieth and Twenty-First-Century Literature

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The collection Studies in Twentieth and Twenty-First-Century Literature publishes theses and essays devoted to one author, to a literary movement or to a literary question. Literary theory occupies an important place in the collection, but it should not be disassociated from the history of literature, of genres, of literary forms, ideas and sensitivities. To inscribe a work in its social, historical, intellectual and artistic context is to help us understand its production - its poetics. In the alliance of scientific erudition and the intuition of internal textual analysis, these studies seek not so much to interpret a given work as to situate its specific character in a global literary history.


  • Juliette Vion-Dury
    Le Retour Au principe de la création littéraire

  • Dominique Perrin
    De Louis Poirier à Julien Gracq

  • Elodie Bouygues
    Genèse de Jean Follain

  • Frédéric Gagneux
    André Suarès et le wagnérisme

  • Jean-François Puff
    Mémoire de la mémoire Jacques Roubaud et la lyrique médiévale

  • Marie-Laure Basuyaux
    Témoigner clandestinement Les récits lazaréens de Jean Cayrol

  • Pierre Schoentjes
    Fictions de la Grande Guerre Variations littéraires sur 14-18