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Studies in Romanticism and the Nineteenth Century

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The collection Studies on Romanticism and the Nineteenth Century publishes works on 19th century French literature: essays, theses, monographic studies, works of synthesis and scholarly studies. It welcomes all kinds of studies in literary criticism, history and poetics, giving priority, however, to works which ally conceptual reflexion and a historical perspective, so that theory and history be no longer regarded as mutually exclusive. Having the ambition to publish international contributions and innovative studies, particularly those of young research-workers, the collection will attain its aim if the reader finds in these works pleasure, intellectual ambition and historical exactitude.
  • Guillaume Pinson
    L’Imaginaire médiatique Histoire et fiction du journal au xixe siècle

  • Yves Ansel
    Pour un autre Stendhal

  • Denis Saint-Amand
    La Littérature à l’ombre Sociologie du Zutisme

  • Fabio Vasarri
    Chateaubriand et la gravité du comique

  • Mariella Di Maio
    Frontières du romanesque : Stendhal, Balzac

  • Alain Guyot
    Analogie et récit de voyage Voir, mesurer, interpréter le monde

  • Agnès Sandras
    Quand Céard collectionnait Zola

  • Ivanna Rosi
    Les Masques de Chateaubriand Liberté et contraintes de la représentation de soi