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Reading the Seventeenth Century

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The title of this collection expresses its ambition. To read means, first and foremost, to take into account both text and context opened to a renewed or reconstituted corpus of texts. It also means to interpret, both according to these new horizons or those of modernity, which give new life to works of the past. A privileged place will be given to innovative research-work and to critical essays which are attentive to present-day preoccupations. Several series, directed by the most competent specialists, will draw the contours of this investigation (novels, pastorals, tragedies, law, sciences, religion, music, free thought, utopias, mystics, travel literature, etc.). From these strong lines of enquiry should emerge and enriched vision of the contrasts of the 17th century.


  • Jean Dubray
    Pascal et Baudelaire

  • Romain Jobez
    Le Théâtre baroque allemand et français Le droit dans la littérature

  • Ute Heidmann, Jean-Michel Adam
    Textualité et intertextualité des contes Perrault, Apulée, La Fontaine, Lhéritier...

  • Corin Braga
    Du paradis perdu à l’antiutopie aux xvie-xviiie siècles