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Nineteenth-Century Library

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In this collection are published works of the 19th century of all kinds: novels, essays, poetry, theatre, critique, history. We propose, in the traditional spirit of Classiques Garnier, philological and erudite editions, so that the modern reader, be he/she student or general public, can have access to the literature and thought of the 19th century. The reader will find here works recognised as classics and others which deserve discovery.


  • Joris-Karl Huysmans
    À rebours

  • Peter Brooks, Myriam Faten Sfar
    Anthologie du mélodrame classique

  • Ulric Guttinguer, Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve

  • Henri de Régnier
    Choses et autres. Par-ci, par-là… suivi de Donc… et de Demi-Vérités

  • Émile Zola
    Chroniques politiques. Tome I - (1863-1870) Œuvres complètes

  • Alfred de Musset

  • George Sand
    Correspondance Index des correspondants

  • George Sand
    Correspondance. Tome I 1812-1831