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With great care for the traditional erudition required by the Éditions Classiques Garnier in the specific field of critical editions, this collection is patrimonial: it aims to render accessible the greatest number possible of French theatrical works, from the Middle Ages to present times. It will thus offer, besides classic and well-known texts, others which are unjustly neglected or little-known, presented and annotated for the modern reader. As much as possible, the collection will offer the complete theatrical works of dramatists, or at least coherent collections of their works.
  • Antoine Le Métel d’Ouville
    Théâtre complet. Tome III La Dame suivante, La Coiffeuse à la mode, Les Morts vivants et Aimer sans savoir qui

  • Barthélemy Christophe Fagan
    Théâtre de la Foire et Théâtre italien complets. Tome I Théâtre de la Foire (1730-1738)

  • Molière
    Théâtre complet. Tome III

  • Philippe Quinault
    Théâtre complet. Tome II Comédies

  • Henry Becque
    Théâtre complet. Tome I

  • Pierre de Larivey
    Théâtre complet. Tome III Trois Comedies des six dernieres (La Constance, Le Fidelle, Les Tromperies)

  • Voltaire
    Théâtre complet. Tome I L’entrée en scène

  • Thomas Corneille
    Théâtre complet. Tome VI