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Corpus of Remarks on the French Language (17th Century)

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The authors of Remarks treat all aspects of usage – pronunciation, spelling, morphology, syntax, vocabulary and style – but drop the traditional format of grammars. This corpus is an indispensable instrument, not only for specialists of 17th century language and literature, but also for all those interested in the history of the French language, of its codification and standardization.
This data-base contains the classic texts (the remarks of Vaugelas, Ménage and Bouhours); collections which adopt an alphabetical presentation (Alemand, Andry de Boisregard) ; texts which criticise Vaugelas and call for greater freedom of usage (Dupleix, La Mothe Le Vayer) ; the volumes which emanate from circles close to the Academy (the Academy's comments on Vaugelas, and its decisions collected by Tallemant), as well as some less prestigious texts (Buffet's observations addressed to a female audience, the compilation by Macé which completes his general and critical grammar).
For easy use and exploitation, the Corpus of remarks on the French language is accompanied by a number of research instruments: full-text search, a thesaurus of authors (5 categories) and of titles (3 categories), thesaurus of examples and quotations. The user can constitute his/her own corpus, extract and export results. This set of instruments will promote new research in the fields of the history of the French language and linguistic conceptions.


ACADÉMIE FRANÇAISE, Observations de l’Académie Françoise sur les Remarques de M. de Vaugelas, Paris, 1704
Louis-Augustin ALEMAND, Nouvelles Observations, ou Guerre civile des François, sur la langue, Paris, 1688
Nicolas ANDRY DE BOISREGARD, Réflexions, ou Remarques critiques sur l'usage present de la langue françoise, Paris, 1692 [1689]
Nicolas ANDRY DE BOISREGARD, Suite des réflexions critiques sur l’usage present de la langue françoise, Paris, 1693
Dominique BOUHOURS, Remarques nouvelles sur la langue françoise, Paris, 1692 [1675]
Dominique BOUHOURS, Suite des Remarques nouvelles sur la langue françoise, Paris, 1693 [1692]
Marguerite BUFFET, Nouvelles Observations sur la langue françoise, Paris, 1668
Scipion DUPLEIX, Liberté de la langue françoise dans sa pureté, Paris, 1651
François de LA MOTHE LE VAYER, Lettres touchant les nouvelles remarques sur la langue françoise, Paris, 1669 [1647]
Jean MACÉ, Methode universelle pour apprandre facilemant les langues, pour parler puremant et escrire nettemant en françois, Paris, 1651 [1650?]
Gilles MÉNAGE, Observations de Monsieur Ménage sur la langue françoise, Paris, 1675 [1672]
Gilles MÉNAGE, Observations de Monsieur Ménage sur la langue françoise. Segonde partie, Paris, 1676
Paul TALLEMANT, Remarques et decisions de l’Académie françoise, Paris, 1698
Claude Favre de VAUGELAS, Remarques sur la langue françoise utiles à ceux qui veulent bien parler et bien escrire, Paris, 1647
Claude Favre de VAUGELAS, Nouvelles Remarques de M. de Vaugelas sur la langue françoise. Ouvrage posthume. Avec des observations de M.***** [Louis-Augustin Alemand], Paris, 1690


History of the language, grammar, linguistic codes, history of linguistic theories, translation, sociolinguistic variations, literature.


Under the direction of Wendy Ayres-Bennett (University of Cambridge): Marc Bonhomme (University of Berne); Philippe Caron (University of Poitiers); Simone Delesalle (University of Paris 8); Isabelle Ducharme (Montréal); Anne-Marguerite Fryba-Reber (University of Berne); Marcus Keller (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Douglas Kibbee (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Francine Mazière (University of Paris 13); Magali Seijido (University of Cambridge); Gilles Siouffi (University of Montpellier III); Barbara Von Gemmingen (Heinrich-Heine Universität, Düsseldorf) Chantal Wionet (University of Avignon). With the collaboration of André Horak (University of Berne).