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  • ISBN: 978-2-8124-1088-8
  • ISSN: 2108-9825
  • DOI: 10.15122/isbn.978-2-8124-1090-1.p.0189
  • Éditeur: Classiques Garnier
  • Date de parution: 09/09/2013
  • Langue: Français
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Brit. Libr. Add.15236

Accusur s. accuser

Alouable a. praiseworthy

Amenuser v.t. to weaken, diminish

Artfiur s. craftsman, artisan

Astrologye s. astrology

Auriene viande s. ?

Auterous a. authoritative, knowledgeable

Baiard a. (of horse) bay, dapple-grey

Blemesure, blemisure s. blemish, injury, disfigurement

Bosunable a. needy, in want

Brusure s. fracture

Busoignable a. in need of repair

Carneument adv. carnally

Cer s. sister

Chambe s. leg

Changeur s. changer, barterer

Changle s. grumbling, nagging

Chenys dogs

Colre s. choler, bile

Corer v.i. to run

Corouce, coruce s. anger

Corumpu a. (of woman) immoral

Defauste s. lack, want

Demetir v.refl. to withdraw, resign

Dousse a. num. twelve

Enbonder v.i. to abound

Enfantere v.i. to give birth

Enhaucé p.p. raised, exalted, promoted

Envious a. covetous, desirous of

Eryra [fut.3 errer] v.i. to move around, travel

Esquinascie s. quinsy

Favel a. fawn-coloured

Feeth, fethe s. time, occasion, moment

Ferm a. fixed, stable

Ffundre v.t. to found, establish

Ficher s. to pierce

Fisonomye s. physiognomy

Goule s. mouth, throat

Grace(s s. good fortune, luck, favour

Habundant a. strong, powerful

Jecun a. each, every

Meblité s. movability

Menstruose a.f. affected with the menses

Mentor a. deceitful, untruthful (confusion with mende(o)r; lat. mendicus read as mentitus)

Meoble (cf. muvable) a. movable

Merche s. (birth)mark, scar

Mercher v.t. to mark, scar

Merydien s. south

Meyns s. month


Morel a. (of horse) dark brown, black

Nefes ships

Officious a. obliging, dutiful

Parmy prep. ~ l’an throughout, in the course of

[Partenir] v.i. to belong to, pertain to

[Partir] v.i. to share in, partake of

Paules shoulders

Peccunie s. wealth

Pecteryne, pectyrine s. breast, chest

Penuyl(e s. groin

Pere s. (kidney) stone

Persecucion s. affliction

Pomelé a. (of horse) dappled

Postume s. abscess, boil

Pouer s. (period of) jurisdiction, authority

Quartaygne s. quartan fever

Quillur s. amasser (of wealth)

Quinesye s. quinsy

Rees p.p. shaven

Resplendisable (cf. resplendisans) a. shining, translucent

Ruge a. (of horse) chestnut

Sanguineen, sanguinien a. bloody; sanguine, associated with blood

Scarse a. mean, stingy

Terme s. period

Trenchesouns (en ventre) gripes, stomach ache

Treytur s. negociator

Tysyk a. consumptive, suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis

Variant a. (of tooth) out of place, loose

Ventios a. windy

Verrément adv. Truly

Vesteus s. clothes

Veyllard a. home ~ old man

cotton Cleopatra BIX

Cotefier v.a. to cultivate, work (the soil)

Duwé p.p. endowed, richly supplied with

Ferm a. fixed, stable

Husubundrie s. husbandry, land ma-

Malencolien a. pertaining to black bile

Meble a. movable

Mebleté s. movability

Sanguinien a. associated with blood


Tractatus de fatis in gallico

Anoyter v.i. to increase (in wealth)

Arcine s. burning

Aspre a. coarse (of hair)

Blaundien a. flattering, smooth (of words)

Benefié p.p. blessed

Bruillaunt a. hot (of temper)|

Colre s. choler, bile

Contek, contak s. dispute

Contekker v.i. to quarrel

Contekkour s. conspirator, intriguer

Contekkous a. quarelsome

Corisous a. angry

Coucher v.a. to go to bed with, lie with, have sexual relations with

Coyer v.i. to couple

Desnoreture s. ill-breeding, coarseness

Devaunt prep. ~ la main beforehand, in advance

Double s. Gemini

Ebrew s. Hebrew language

Engeyte s. ambush, attack, trap

Enjoyer v. i. to take delight in, to benefit from

Eschuwe a. unfriendly, unapproachable, sullen, withdrawn

Face s. decan

Faculté s. skill, accomplishment, manners

Feer s. iron

Fluvye s. floodwater, river

Fortunalment (~ serra prové) adv. by fortune ?

G[l]uttus a. sickened (nausiosus)

Haunge s. hatred

Houste s. host

Juracioun s. blashemous oath (periurium)

Maginaciouns machinations, schemes, plots, plans

Malencolious a. melancholy

Maletru a. wretched

Mellé a. yellow, quince-coloured (lat. melinus)

Mene a. medium

Mokerous a. derisive

Neiresté s. deep red (rubor)

Officious a. obliging, dutiful, devoted

Owel, ouwel a. equable, unruffled

Paal s. winding sheet, shroud, funeral pall

Passioun s. pain, suffering

Pilous a. hairy

Poer s. power, authority

Privé a. privez instrumentz private parts, genitals (verenda)

Queynte, quoynte a. bright, clever

Recercilé p.p. curly (of hair)

Saulé s. repleteness

Serchour s. investigator

Servisable a. helpful

Surcilles eyebrows

Sustenaunce s. resources

Taucer v.a. to shave

Terme s. period


Tonser v.a. to shave

Urteys toes

Voluble a. fickle, changeable, capricious

Warecter v.i. to plough fallow land

Astronodia Ypocratis,
Constellationes probatae gallice

Angerous (for anguisous ?) a. anxious

Aversté, adversté s. adversity, tribulation

Awower v.a. to acknowledge

Basee s. lower regions ?

Cheance s. fortune, luck (according to birth sign)

Chene s. dog

Corneleyn s. cornelian

Cowe s. neck

Degayné p.p. uncultivated

Desconter v.a. to recount

Deseyvable a. easily deceived, gullible

Domest a. domestic

Enveos a. envious

Esclandrer v.a. to bring into disrepute, slander

Faun s. child

Fe(o)t s. time, occasion; a la feot sometimes

Fit s. son

Fructe s. fruit (of the womb), offspring

Gaungelour s. (smooth) talker

Haché s. affliction ?

Karecte s. character, sign, caract

Malencolous a. melancholy

Mavesant a. for of ‘malfesant’, showing ill-will, maleficent

Mensonnous a. deceitful, mendacious

Mordure s. bite

Pilgrimage s. pilgrimage

Pleyseres pleasurable, pleasing

Posté s. power

Poverois a. poor

Privé a. ‘privez menbrez’ private parts, genitals

Qwicz, qwys thighs

Refust s. refuge

Sire s. wax

Suspeciouce a.f. suspicious

Suspect s. suspicion

Suspecte a. suspicious

Torteus a. devious

Wakeraunt a. roving, wandering, vagrant

Wowe s. vow

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