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The Revolution and the Empire

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This collection contains 155 works. It brings together, in 128,000 pages, the texts of 54 authors. Among these: Aulard, Barante, Louis Blanc, Buchez, Jaurès, Lamartine, Michelet, Quinet, Thiers ou Tocqueville.

The political necessity to take position as regards the Revolution and its consequences, as well as the concern to render these events intelligible, explain why, in the 19th century, the historiography of this period was not restricted to specialists. In order to render this plural and diffuse historiography of the Revolution and the Empire, we must associate recognized specialists and many self-proclaimed historians. Journalists, writers, activists, politicians, witnesses and actors : many made the attempt to construct and establish the narration of events and experiences, many sought to explain what they had witnessed, without necessarily labelling their work "History". We thus find "considerations", "observations", "reflections" and even "memoirs", which can be discovered here.

This corpus allows us to confront the history and the historiography of the Revolution and Empire, the past and its restitution, the field of practical experience and the world of representations. The general works retained here mix different readings of the past and different manners of being a historian.

The corpus also renders the echo of three historiographical debates which were emblematic of the different periods the Revolution and Empire : the debate roused by Madame de Staël’s Considérations, the debate provoked by Quinet’s Révolution, and the debate which opposed Taine and Aulard, prolonged by Cochin.

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Aulard, Alphonse; Bailleul, Jacques-Charles; Barante, Prosper de; Barnave, Antoine; Barruel, Augustin Abbé; Beaulieu, Claude-François; Blanc, Louis; Bonald, Louis de; Brousse, Paul; Buchez, Philippe; Burke, Edmond; Cabet, Étienne; Caron, Pierre; Chateaubriand, François-René de; Claretie, Jules; Cochin, Augustin; Constant, Benjamin; Deville, Gabriel Paul; Fantin Desodoards, Antoine; Granier de Cassagnac, Adolphe; Guizot, François; Hamel, Ernest; Jaurès, Jean; Lacretelle, Charles-Jean de; Lamartine, Alphonse de; Lanfrey, Pierre; Laponneraye, Albert; Lavisse, Ernest; Madelin, Louis; Maistre, Joseph de; Mallet du Pan, Jacques; Mathiez, Albert; Michelet, Jules; Mignet, François; Montlosier, François-Dominique de Reynaud Comte de; Mortimer-Ternaux, Louis; Norvins, Jacques Marquet de Montbreton Baron de; Peyrat, Alphonse; Poujoulat, Jean-Joseph; Quinet, Edgar; Rabaut Saint-Étienne, Jean-Paul; Rambaud, Alfred; Roux, Pierre; Sagnac, Philippe; Sciout, Ludovic; Séligman, Edmond; Sorel, Albert; Staël, Germaine de; Taine, Hippolyte; Thierry, Augustin; Thiers, Adolphe; Tocqueville, Alexis de; Toulongeon, François Emmanuel; Tourneux, Maurice


History, literature