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Literary Criticism

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This exceptionally rich cultural heritage is now available in a modern edition : 152 works and mixed volumes, 34 authors, 100,000 pages of analysis enable the reader to reconstruct polemics and controversies of this period.

Next to the great critics, who were usually themselves recognised authors, we have made room for university teachers and men of letters who only wrote about other authors’ works.

Our selection begins with La Harpe, who may be regarded as the father of all critics : his Lycée was the standard manual of the 19th century, imposing a “classical” view which served as a reference for all subsequent critical adventures. He represented, in short, the authority that, in this century of revolutions, many critics were to call into question. Covering the whole of the 19th century, our corpus ends with Apollinaire and Proust, who, each in his own way, represent critical literature composed by creative artists, no doubt the richest and the most influential.

The dimensions of the texts presented are extraordinarily varied : from the few pages of Balzac’s Preface to his Comédie humaine to the 28 volumes of Lamartine’s Cours de littérature.

The text

The edition of these texts was established by the company Bibliopolis, checked and corrected by Classiques Garnier Numérique.


Alexis, Paul; Amiel, Henri-Frédéric; Ampère, Jean-Jacques; Apollinaire, Guillaume; Balzac, Honoré de; Barante, Prosper de; Barbey d'Aurevilly, Jules-Amédée; Baudelaire, Charles; Brunetière, Ferdinand; Céard, Henry; Faguet, Émile; Gautier, Théophile; Goncourt, Jules et Edmond de; Hugo, Victor; Janin, Jules; La Harpe, Jean-François de; Lamartine, Alphonse de; Latouche, Henri de (Hyacinthe de Latouche dit); Lemaître, Jules; Mallarmé, Stéphane; Maupassant, Guy de; Nisard, Désiré; Nodier, Charles; Proust, Marcel; Sainte-Beuve, Charles Augustin; Schlegel, August Wilhelm von; Senancour, Etienne Pivert de; Sismondi, Jean Charles Simonde de; Staël, Germaine de; Stendhal, Henri Beyle, dit; Taine, Hippolyte; Vigny, Alfred de; Villemain, Abel; Zola, Émile


Literature, literary criticism, history