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Jean Giraudoux Studies

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Since 1972, the Cahiers Jean Giraudoux have been committed to making Giraudoux better known, by bringing out previously unpublished documents and academic studies of his work.
  • Cahiers Jean Giraudoux
    2016, n° 44
    Giraudoux critique, essayiste et témoin de son temps
    [Collective work]

  • Cahiers Jean Giraudoux
    2017, n° 45
    I - Giraudoux dans la guerre : 1914-1918
    [Collective work]

  • Cahiers Jean Giraudoux
    2018, n° 46
    II - Giraudoux dans la guerre : la Seconde Guerre mondiale
    [dir. Mireille Brémond, Alvio Patierno]