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Two search modes are available. The simple search will perform a standard search on the metadata of all the works in our collections. If you want to refine your search, you can do an advanced search, which looks through our full published texts. You can focus your results with the many filters available.

You have permanent access to the search bar at the top right.

Search by keyword

By default the search takes into account all the terms entered.

Eg.: Rimbaud Verlaine will search for Rimbaud AND Verlaine

Search operators

Place a ~ or a – in front of a term to render it optional or exclude it entirely.

Eg.: Rimbaud Verlaine -Corbière will search for Rimbaud AND Verlaine WITHOUT Corbière

Connect terms in a sub-expression with the help of parentheses. It is possible to stack sub-expressions.

Eg.: ~(Rimbaud Verlaine) ~(Verlaine Corbière) will search for Rimbaud WITH Verlaine OR Verlaine WITH Corbière


Use an asterisk (*) to replace a number of characters at the end of a word.

Eg.: histo* will search for histoire, histoires, historique, etc.

Literal search

Search for an exact expression made up of a number of words with the help of double quotation marks ("…").

Eg.: "au bonheur des dames"

Full text search

The following information applies only to the "Full Text" search field in the advanced search.

Use the question mark (?) to replace a character.
Eg.: déb?t

To do a fuzzy search, add the tilde sign (~) at the end of the word.
Eg.: tête~

For a proximity search: add the tilde sign (~) followed by a number at the end of an expression in quotation marks.
Eg.: "soleil satan"~10 searches for the words soleil and satan at a distance of 10 words maximum.


On the Classiques Garnier website, every book and magazine is divided into chapters and articles, available in PDF and HTML formats. The referencing information of each publication can be exported in HTML, PDF and RIS (Zotero) format.


Classiques Garnier gives readers the opportunity to purchase texts and journals by the article and chapter. We want academic researchers to have the most straightforward access possible to the information in our books. In view of this, our digitally formatted texts are divided into articles and chapters and can be purchased on our site in PDF and HTML formats.

Classiques Garnier texts are available in digital format on our website. Each text is divided into articles or chapters that you can buy individually.

To purchase a digital item, simply follow the link to a text and click on the title of the article or chapter that interests you. The article or chapter information will appear on your screen and you can add it to your cart. Once all items that interest you are added to your cart, you can go to it by clicking on the icon at the top right of your screen.

To finalize the order, click on “Proceed to checkout.” If you are not logged on to your customer account, an authentication page will appear. If you don’t have a customer account, you can create one by clicking “Register.”

You will then be at the “Check my order” stage. Be sure to check the delivery address and fill in the requested fields. You can click on the next step.

In order to finalize your purchase, you must fill in your credit or debit card details.

Once you have made your purchase, go back to the item information page and download the article or chapter in PDF format or consult it in HTML format.

We accept the following payment methods: credit card, Visa and Mastercard. Please note that we no longer accept payments by check or bank transfer on our website.

Publications are sent by mail within two days of receipt of your order (except on public holidays and weekends). The delivery time varies depending on the city and/or country of destination. If the delivery seems to be taking longer than usual, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your bill is sent to your email address following the processing of an order. Your bill is also available in your Classiques Garnier account as soon as your order is confirmed. To access it, simply go to your account by clicking on the “Sign in” button at the top right of the homepage. You can click on “My orders” and then on the “Order details” button. By clicking on “Download” to the right of the bill number, a link will allow you to view and print it in PDF format.


First, create an account on the Classiques Garnier website (

Please enter all your information in the relevant fields, and select “Customer type”: “Author Classiques Garnier”. Note that fields followed by a star are required.

We also advise you to fill in your ISNI identification number, which allows you to uniquely identify as author.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any difficulties during your registration.

In order to retrieve your author copy (s), you must:

  • follow this link :;
  • be connected to your Classiques Garnier account or create one;
  • enter your coupon code (s) and click on "OK" to validate each code before clicking on the "Send" button;
  • validate your basket and confirm your order.

In order for your delivery to be free of charge, it must only contain your free copies, otherwise postage will be applied

To download the offprint of your contribution, click on this link.

Under no circumstances will you be asked to enter your bank details to get your offprint.