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Le « prendre soin » et les pensées évaluatives
Le cas de l’évaluation des poissons génétiquement modifiés

  • Publication type: Journal article
  • Journal: Éthique, politique, religions
    2013 – 2, n° 3
    . Prendre soin de la nature et des hommes
  • Author: Coutellec (Léo)
  • Abstract: Taking care” and evaluative concepts. The example of assessing genetically modified fish. The values, positions, procedures and tools used to assess an object can be grouped together under the rubric of “evaluative thinking”. In this paper, we show that standard evaluative thinking is inappropriate to certain objects, in this case genetically modified fish. A proper understanding of such objects requires us to adopt a different perspective and a different approach, in other words, to rethink and reconstruct the relevant evaluative concepts and strategies. The thematic focus of “taking care” can help us chart a new course for non-standard assessments, developing what we propose to call “evaluative strategies for care”. The article formulates the need to broaden the spectrum of consideration, both scientific and ethical. Evaluative strategies for care involve a renewed attention to the object, as well as to its relationships with other objects. “Taking care” is concerned here with both the object and its associated environment, and therefore, a fortiori, with both human beings and nature. At stake is a new horizon for evaluative thinking, which would no longer be reducible to a call for quantification and would no longer take the concept of risk as a central, organizing principle. To illustrate our point, we revisit the assessment process of the first genetically modified animal to be marketed for human consumption, Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). This example perfectly illustrates the inadequacy of standard evaluative thinking in the case of objects whose identity has not been properly determined.
  • Pages: 153 to 181
  • Journal: Ethics, Politics, Religions, n° 3

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  • ISBN: 978-2-8124-2120-4
  • ISSN: 2271-7234
  • DOI: 10.15122/isbn.978-2-8124-2120-4.p.0153
  • Publisher: Classiques Garnier
  • Online parution: 02-06-2014
  • Periodicity: Biannual
  • Language: French
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