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Le pays imaginaire et le néant
Deux lignes de lecture de L’Enfant éternel de Philippe Forest

  • Publication type: Journal article
  • Journal: Alkemie Revue semestrielle de littérature et philosophie
    2017 – 2, n° 20
    . L’imaginaire
  • Author: Russo Previtali (Alberto)
  • Abstract: This article offers two hypotheses of critical reading of The eternal child, which are based on the concept of the imaginary in its meaning in semiotics, as the space of the fantastical and of the unreal, and in psychoanalysis, as the register of the ego and of specular identity (Lacan’s theory).
  • Pages: 163 to 176
  • Journal: Alkemie, n° 20

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  • ISBN: 978-2-406-07467-0
  • ISSN: 2286-136X
  • DOI: 10.15122/isbn.978-2-406-07467-0.p.0163
  • Publisher: Classiques Garnier
  • Online parution: 12-19-2017
  • Periodicity: Biannual
  • Language: French
  • Keywords: Neverland, Ego, Memory, Mourning, Oblivion, Image, Writing about himself
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