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Classiques Garnier




Jean-Louis Rastoin

Editorial. Accelerate the transition to sustainable food
through a scientific and economic paradigm shift
and innovative public policies    17


Florjan Bombaj, Dominique Barjolle,
François Casabianca, Theodosia Anthopoulou

Albanian municipalities facing decentralisation
of pastures management rules    31

Lytoua Chialue, Paule Moustier,
Phengkhouane Manivong

Laotian consumer perceptions of rice quality.
Insights from a conjoint analysis    61

Ludivine Duval, Carole Maurel, Jean-Laurent Viviani

Export mode, export strategy, and performance.
The case of the French wine industry    89

Aichata Keita, Marjorie Le Bars, Éric Penot,
Philippe Le Grusse, Mamy Soumaré,
Bouréma Koné, Michel Havard

Diversification of farming systems and revenues
in cotton area in Mali. Case study in Béguéné   115


Morgane Leclercq

Food safety standards and territorialized food systems   139

Jules René Minkoua Nzié, Ludovic Temple,
Bernadette Kamgnia Dia

The determinants of fluctuations in food prices in Cameroon   161

Samiha Mjahed,Imene Ben Yahia

Exploring the drivers of Tunisian farmers
pro-environmental behaviors   193

Joël Sotamenou, Armand Chancelin Soh Fogwa Pogha

Assessing family farm sustainability using the IDEA method
in the agropole for pineapple in Nlohe (Cameroon)    219

experts analyses

Sandra Mandato, Hugo de Vries, Claire Mayer-Laigle

Innovation and tradition: The viewpoint of French SMEs
in the durum wheat sector   245

researchers chronicle


Safety and quality standards in food products trade.
Interview of Abdelhakim Hammoudi
and Stéphane Guéneau by Foued Cheriet   263


scientific events

Proceedings of the International JR-SME Seminar
“Strategies and Entrepreneurship in the Agri-Food Sector”,
Tlemcen, 20 March 2018 (Kamel Chikhi)   273

Announcement and call for papers, 170th EAAE Seminar.
Governance of food chains and consumption dynamics:
What are the impacts on food security and sustainability?   277

Publications and book reviews

­Émile Ryckeboer, paysan pionnier. Il a osé !, Émile Ryckeboer,
Jean Leroux (Roland Condor)   286

La sécurité alimentaire mondiale : état des lieux et prospectives,
Jean-Louis Rastoin et Christian Ferault (Bertrand Hervieu)   293

Transition agricole et alimentaire : la revanche des territoires,
Henri Rouillé ­dOrfeuil (Jean-Louis Rastoin)   297

Abstracts/Résumés   305

Authors office addresses   311