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  • ISBN: 978-2-8124-1088-8
  • ISSN: 2108-9825
  • DOI: 10.15122/isbn.978-2-8124-1090-1.p.0079
  • Éditeur: Classiques Garnier
  • Date de parution: 09/09/2013
  • Langue: Français
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Accitable a. pleasant, agreeable (acceptabilis; gratus)

Achatour s. buyer, purchaseI

Almoner a. charitable, generous

Amender v.a. to cure

Amenuser v.a. [sanc] a. to thin, lessen (the blood), to bleed

Apris p.p. as a. skilled, knowledgeable

Arenous a. ?

Asartir v.a. to clear (land)

Astiner (de) v.i. to refrain from

Ateint p.p. found out, uncovered

Averer v.i., averrant pr.p. to prove to be true, to come true

Bercer s. archer, huntsman

Businous a. busy, occupied

Cancrous a. afflicted with boils

Cert a. certain

Cerveile s. nape of the neck

Chateus s. possessions, resources

Compli p.p. aphaetic form of accompli

Convertir v.i. to turn, change

Coser v.refl. to reprove, blame

Couste s. rib, side, flank

Cultefiour s. husbandman (agricola)

Curtil s. kitchen garden

Danter v.a. to tame, break in

Decurs s. waning of the moon

Dedeignaunt a. arrogant, haughty

Depopliez p.p. to denounce, disgrace?

Desbuisser v.a. to drive from cover

Detenir v.refl. to abstain, refrain from

Dismal s. unlucky, unpropitious day

Dismer v.i. to tithe

Divinal a. divine, heavenly

Ee s. bee

Ensigné p.p. clever, educated

Enveilir v.i. to grow old

Envirouner v.a. to roam, traverse, patrol (circuire)

Eschater v.a. to buy

Escoler s. student

Euros a. happy

Gainage s. land cultivation, husbandry

Haterel s. nape of neck (cervix)

Herbergable a. hospitable

Hospitable a. hospitable

Hour s. bear

Inquisor s. error (change of prefix) (adquisitor ‘purchaser’)

Jeven(es a. young

Jew s. Jew

Larmer v.i. to grieve

Menement adv. moderately

Mesel a. leprous

Menir v.a. to direct, channel (water)

Merge, moerge pr.sbj. 3 of morir to die

Nager v.i. to voyage, travel by sea

Necligent a. careless, negligent


Paraler subst.infin. end (of life) (cf. ‘al derain’, ‘a la parfin’)

Peisable a. peaceful, peace-loving

Perilous a. at risk

Pleisible a. pleasing

Premerein(gne a. first

Religious a. religious

Sengner v.a. to bleed

Serche s. inspector, investigator (explorator)

Servable a. obliging

Servisaunt a. obliging, willing to serve (servatrix)

Songonaire s. dreambook

Soungnarie s. dreambook

Sueve a. pleasant, gentle (suavis)

Travail s. hardship, care

Travaillor a. hardworking (laboriosus)

Triblour s. troublemaker (delator)

Viaunder s. host, provider of hospitality

Vio(i)ge a. full of life, energetic [vitalis]

Viscious a. depraved, vicious

Viste a. swift, nimble



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