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Social Economy of Labor

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The journal Social Economy of Labor welcomes theoretical and empirical debates and brings the disciplines of work, employment, and professional relations into dialogue.


Social Economy of Labor contributes to academic debates and conceptual renewals in the field of Labor understood in a broad sense, including Employment and Wages as in the traditional economic framework, but also working conditions and Industrial Relations. Social Economy of Labor intends to feed these debates through an interdisciplinary dialogue following the Anglo-Saxon tradition of Industrial Relations.

The journal is open to institutionalist approaches and to all research in applied economy encouraging the dialogue between theoretical debates and empirical work. Articles will be evaluated depending on their ability to articulate different theoretical socio-economics approaches of Labor and empirical work, whether field surveys or statistical/econometric analyses.

The journal welcomes any submission that fits with this editorial policy. Special issues are also regularly published on specific topics the editorial board wishes to encourage. If French is the reference language, the journal also publishes articles in English when authors do not write French.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board
Olivier Baguelin (CEPE, université de Paris-Saclay, sciences économiques)
Bernard Baudry (Triangle, université de Lyon 2, sciences économiques)
Laurent Duclos (ministère Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi, de la Formation professionnelle et du Dialogue social DGEFP et IDHE.S, sociologie)
Anne Fretel (Clersé, université de Lille 1, sciences économiques)
Mathilde Guergoat-Larivière (Lirsa, CNAM,CEET, sciences économiques)
Anne Jourdain (IRISSO, université Paris Dauphine, sociologie)
Guillemette de Larquier (Clersé, université de Lille 1, sciences économiques)
Coralie Perez (Centre d’Économie de la Sorbonne, université de Paris 1 et CNRS, sciences économiques)
Delphine Rémillon (INED, sciences économiques )
Damien Sauze (Triangle, université de Lyon 2, sciences économiques)
Camille Signoretto (LEST, Aix-Marseille université, sciences économiques),
Gabriel Tahar (CERTOP, université des sciences sociales de Toulouse et CNRS, sciences économiques).

Editorial Secretary
Mathilde Guergoat-Larivière
Coralie Perez
Damien Sauze
Camille Signoretto

Damien Sauze

Former Editor-in-Chief
François Michon

Declaration on ethics and good editorial practices

The review only publishes original and unpublished contributions.

It refuses to publish articles or parts of articles that have already appeared in other publication formats and it asks authors to guarantee that their article will not be submitted to any other review until such time as a decision to refuse publication be communicated to them.

Authors must guarantee that their contribution does not infringe copyrights and cannot be considered plagiarism, even in part. Discovery of proven plagiarism after publication will result in removal of the digital version of the article. Authors must give appropriate citations for the materials used. The author serving as correspondent is responsible for the list of contributors and for their agreement to the version submitted to the review. Authors must declare any and all conflicts of interest and identify the sources of financing received for the research, if applicable.

Each article submitted to the review is evaluated according to a double-blind process.

In cases of major error in a published article identified by an author or by a reader who brings it to the attention of the editorial committee, the author or authors agree to rectify the error or to respond with a refutation of the accusation of error. In cases of rectification by the author, the review and Éditions Classiques Garnier agree to publish the corrected version of the article online.

Contact Information

Editorial Board
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Note to Contributors

Manuscripts, in electronic version (Word file), should be submitted by following this link:

All submissions should follow the instructions below :
1. Manuscripts submitted to Socio-économie du Travail must be original texts, presented exclusively to the journal.
2. Articles must not exceed 70 000 characters (including footnotes and spaces).
3. Title and abstract (not more than 500 characters, spaces included) must be provided in French and English.
4. Identification and contact details of each author (professional address, publishable, and personal address, not publishable) must be provided.
5. Footnotes must be numbered consecutively (from 1 up) throughout the paper (in the order in which they are given in the text).
6. Bibliographical references must follow the article, arranged in alphabetical order of the authors and for each author in chronological order.

More information will be specified to authors(s) once the article is accepted.
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    2019 – 2, n° 6
    Tant de capital, temps de travail ?
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  • Socio-économie du travail
    2019 – 1, n° 5
    Que font les organisations aux parcours professionnels ?
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  • Socio-économie du travail
    2018 – 2, n° 4
    La démocratie au travail : usages et catégories / Democracy at work: uses and categories
    [dir. Damien Sauze]

  • Socio-économie du travail
    2018 – 1, n° 3
    Discontinuités de l’emploi et indemnisation du chômage / Discontinuity in employment and unemployment insurance
    [dir. Mathilde Guergoat-Larivière]

  • Socio-économie du travail
    2017, n° 2
    Le marché du travail comme objet de croyances et de représentations
    [dir. Anne Fretel, Aurélie Gonnet, Léa Lima]

  • Socio-économie du travail
    2016, n° 1
    Être entrepreneur de soi-même, l’auto-emploi
    [dir. Clémence Aubert-Tarby, Coralie Perez]