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Masculine/ Feminine in Modern Europe

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The notion of gender, understood as the historical, social and cultural construction of sexual identity, has become a vital concept for research on texts produced by modern society and on the various values at stake in those texts. The collection Masculine/ Feminine in Modern Europe offers scientific works (studies and critical editions) undertaking to approach literature in this perspective, bringing historical light to contemporary questions: construction of sexual identity and relations between sexes, history of sexualities, study of gender as a field for construction of sexual identities; such are the various directions and perspectives opened for collective debate.


  • Susanne Ardisson
    L’Amour à la Werther Le discours amoureux chez Goethe, Villers, Staël et Stendhal. Regards croisés sur un mythe franco-allemand

  • Nathalie Saudo-Welby
    Le Courage de déplaire Le roman féministe à la fin de l’ère victorienne

  • Myriam Robic
    "Femmes damnées" Saphisme et poésie (1846-1889)