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Le sens de la justice et la conception de la personne dans la Théorie de la justice de John Rawls

  • Publication type: Article from a collective work
  • Collective work: Le Sens de la justice, une « utopie réaliste » ?. Rawls et ses critiques
  • Author: Maillard (Raïssa)
  • Abstract: The concept of the sense of justice does not fulfil the same role in the first and third parts of the book, in which its role is to explain how the conception of justice as equity is a stable conception compatible with the general facts of human psychology. This article demonstrates how differences between the sense of justice with regard to status and content in the first and third parts allow us to appreciate the coherence and subtlety of the Rawlsian project.
  • Pages: 51 to 62
  • Last edition: 2015
  • Collection: PoliticS, n° 8

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  • ISBN: 978-2-8124-3311-5
  • ISSN: 2260-9903
  • DOI: 10.15122/isbn.978-2-8124-3311-5.p.0051
  • Publisher: Classiques Garnier
  • Digital parution date numérique: 07-07-2015
  • Language: French
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