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« Hardie et ardente »
Pérennité de l’ethos de Jeanne d’Albret au miroir de son œuvre

  • Publication type: Article from a collective work
  • Collective work: Dialogues intérieurs. Les écrits des mémorialistes dans leurs Mémoires
  • Author: Kuperty-Tsur (Nadine)
  • Abstract: The writings of Jeanne d’Albert shed additional light on her Mémoires. The precocious emphasis on her audacious character which is celebrated in her poems is not contradicted by the five letters which act as a matrix to the Mémoires. It justifies her spectacular political engagement at the time of the wars of religion. The qualities of audacity and passion, exceptional for a woman in the Renaissance, contributed to the construction of a character whose actions surpassed the limits which were imposed on her sex by the age in which she lived.
  • Pages: 19 to 37
  • Collection: Encounters, n° 115
  • Subcollection: The classical century, n° 2

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  • ISBN: 978-2-8124-3262-0
  • ISSN: 2261-1851
  • DOI: 10.15122/isbn.978-2-8124-3262-0.p.0019
  • Publisher: Classiques Garnier
  • Online parution: 06-14-2015
  • Language: French
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