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Bookseller's Manual, Brunet

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The Manuel du Libraire is the most comprehensive and celebrated of the universal bibliographies published between the sixteenth and nineteenth century.The Manuel went through five editions between 1810 and 1860. According to L.N Malclès, writing in his Sources du travail bibliographique, the Manual is a ‘selective universal’ bibliography, a list of every book, or carefully selected books, printed all over the world and on all subjects. This Manual, which Brunet spent some sixty years working on and perfecting, is a bibliography of the most outstanding works of his age, from the point of view of content as well as presentation, in all languages, on all subjects, and from all countries: Brunet, an erudite bookseller, selected works for their rarity, value, and perfection, considering the full range of texts published since the birth of the printing press.

The work includes:
• A Dictionnaire bibliographique of 40 000 works, listed under author and anonymous title
• A Table méthodique which classifies all works described and cited in the dictionary
• The Dictionnaire de géographie ancienne et moderne, an indispensable list of Latin town names with subsequent modifications and modern forms
• The Supplément to the Dictionnaire bibliographique by P. Deschamps and G. Brunet, which provides an inventory of some 10 000 additional works

• Three appendices concern the history of the printing press and the book from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century:
1. Notices on Gothic works printed in Paris at the end of the fifteenth century, and part of the sixteenth century
2. Alphabetical lists of the bookshops and printers whose typographic marks are reproduced in the Manuel
3. Notices on the collection of authors printed in small format by Elzevier.

Bibliography, book history, literature, history, geography

Claude Blum, professor at the Sorbonne