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L’amiral, la prêtresse et la mer
La défense de l’île de Bretagne dans Lady of Avalon de Marion Zimmer Bradley

  • Publication type: Article from a collective work
  • Collective work: Arthur, la mer et la guerre
  • Author: Giovénal (Carine)
  • Abstract: Lady of Avalon is part of the Avalon Cycle, written in the 1980 by M. Z. Bradley, which represent a rewriting of the Arthurian legend from the time of mythical Atlantis and the Roman conquest of Britain down to the death of Arthur. At the centre of the cycle, The High Priestess features the character of Carausius, a short-lived emperor of Britain and a precursor of King Arthur. Carausius’ power is based on his domination of the sea, the protection of Britain with which he is strongly linked: this allows him to walk through the gates of the world of Avalon.
  • Pages: 223 to 236
  • Last edition: 2017
  • Collection: Encounters, n° 289
  • Subcollection: Medieval civilization, n° 26

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  • ISBN: 978-2-406-06103-8
  • ISSN: 2103-5636
  • DOI: 10.15122/isbn.978-2-406-06105-2.p.0223
  • Publisher: Classiques Garnier
  • Parution date: 10-31-2017
  • Language: French
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